My name is Allan Johnston.  I am a graduate of the Engineering Design & Drafting Technology program at Lethbridge College (2015~2018) with T.T. designation through ASET.  I am seeking a position in architectural or civil design & drafting.

I have been an English instructor since 1996 in Canada and overseas.  However, a few years after returning to Canada to help family, I decided to follow my life-long interests and enrolled in the EDDT program at Lethbridge College.

Architectural and civil design & drafting have always been of strong interest to me.  Since childhood I have always drawn buildings of all shapes, sizes, & purposes and cityscapes with roads, bridges, parks, etc.  Pencil & paper, wood, clay, and (most recently) computer have all been used to help bring my ideas forth.

In 2015 I enrolled at Lethbridge College. The College accepted my applications into both the Engineering Design & Drafting Technology and Civil Engineering Technology programs.  I chose EDDT as it had aspects of both architecture and civil works.  I may return to Lethbridge College for one more year the Civil Engineering diploma.

During and upon completion of the EDDT course, I found my interests leaning heavily toward two aspects of the course – architecture and civil design.  Both have always been of great interest to me.  Now I am excited to begin work.

My next professional goal is to gain experience and work toward C. Tech professional designation.  I continue to practise skills learned in EDDT on various projects and am eager to gain more skills in a professional environment.

As many workplaces would like their new hires to have experience, I continue to work on projects started as assignments in classes and other projects.  Luckily, Autodesk (makers of AutoCAD, Revit, Inventor, and others) allow student licenses of their software.  Please see example of these in Portfolio.  These are continually being updated and reworked as I continue to study and practise.

Unfortunately, CADWorx and ArcGIS (ArcMap) does not offer inexpensive (read: free) student versions to continue practise.  But I’m still searching!

I am available to speak or meet anytime.

Thank you for dropping by my website!