I am a graduate of the Engineering Design & Drafting Technology program at Lethbridge College (2015~2018) with T.T. designation through ASET.

I have been an English instructor since 1996 in Canada and overseas.  Upon returning home, I decided to follow my life-long interests and enrol in the EDDT program at Lethbridge College.

Architectural and civil design, drafting, & engineering have always been of strong interest to me.  I have always enjoyed creating buildings of all shapes, sizes, & purposes and cityscapes with roadways, bridges, parks, etc.  Pencil & paper, wood, clay, and (most recently) computer have all been used to help bring my ideas forth.

In 2015 I enrolled and was accepted into both the Engineering Design & Drafting Technology and Civil Engineering Technology programs.  I chose EDDT because it had aspects of both architecture and civil works.  Among the full range of topics studied, such as GIS & topographical mapping, surveying, steel design, oil & gas process design, and many others, I found my interests leaning heavily toward two aspects of the course – architecture and civil design.

My immediate goal is to gain experience and work toward C.Tech / C.E.T. professional designation.  I continue to practise skills learned in EDDT on various projects and am eager to gain more skills in a creative and professional environment.

In my spare time, I continue to work on class assignments and other projects.  Please see example of these in Portfolio.  These are continually being updated and reworked as I continue to study and practise.

I am available to speak or meet anytime.

Thank you for dropping by my website!